LEGO Friends Book Light
LEGO Friends Friendship Book
LEGO Friends book Friends Forever
LEGO Friends book Let's Go Riding
LEGO Friends books One Ride Belongs to Goldie
LEGO Friends book Lights, Camera, Girl Power
LEGO Friends books New Girl in Town
LEGO Friends books Olivia's Great Idea
LEGO Friends book Welcome to Heartlake City
LEGO Friends book Meet the Friends
LEGO Friends: New Girl in Town DVD
New Girl in Town
LEGO Friends book Olivia's Ranbow
Activity and Comic
magazine style book
by Ladybird Books
LEGO Friends book Showtime
LEGO Friends Brickmaster Book by DK
"Read, Build, Play"
Build #1
Build # 2
Build #3
LEGO Friends DK Ultimate Sticker Book
LEGO Friends DK Ultimate Sticker Book
Ultimate Sticker Book
by DK
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LEGO Friends in LEGO Club Magazines
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LEGO Friends Bags
LEGO Friends Room Decor
This page hosts a sampling of
LEGO Friends theme books
published by various global
booksellers for adding reading,
activity and comprehensions skills to
the construction toy experience.
Check each publisher's sites for
where to buy.  
Here are some official LEGO Friends

Book Labels
for you to print-out and
use to write your name in your books!
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LEGO Friends book The Superstar Concert
LEGO Friends book A Puppy Tale
LEGO Friends book Mystery in the Whispering Woods
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FriendsBricks Homepage
FriendsBricks Homepage
LEGO Friends book Summer Adventures
LEGO Friends book Perfect Pets
* Includes a Mini-Doll
(Nya) with an outfit
exclusive to this book
LEGO Friends Caharacter Encyclopedia exclusive mini-doll Nya
LEGO Friends
Character Encyclopedia
by DK
LEGO Friends book The Heartlake Adventure
LEGO Friends DVD Friends Together Again
LEGO Friends: Friends are Forever DVD
Friends are Forever
LEGO Friends Character Encyclopedia
LEGO Friends Character Encyclopedia
LEGO Friends Character Encyclopedia
Pages about all the Mini-Doll characters
Pages about each set released from 2012 through first of 2014
LEGO Friends Character Encyclopedia
Pages about all Friends animals
LEGO Friends 2014 Official Annual
by Ladybird Books
Scholastic Chapter Books
LEGO Friends
Book Light
Friendship Book by LEGO
LEGO Friends Andrea Takes the Stage
Scholastic Comic Readers
for younger kids
LEGO Friends The Birthday Surprise
LEGO Friends Dolphin Rescue
LEGO Friends Jungle Adventure
by Poppy Bloom
for Penguin Books
DK Readers
LEGO Friends Double Trouble by Scholastic
Activity books
include bricks
LEGO Friends The Sunshine Ranch by Penguin Books
LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue by Penguin Books
Other media for story comprehension are
LEGO Friends animated shows
via DVDs and TV channels.
LEGO Friends Stationery, Desk & School Supplies
Friends Together Again